Exhibition Highlights

Exhibition Overview

Come experience the world’s premier example of prehistoric cave art in Scenes from the Stone Age: The Cave Paintings of Lascaux, appearing for the first time in North America at The Field Museum from March 20 through September 8, 2013.

Marvel at monumental recreations of cave walls covered with full-scale replicas of the original artwork—many never before seen by the public and on display for the first time here—including The Swimming Stags Frieze, The Crossed Bison Panel, The Shaft Scene, and more!

Examine ancient images by simulated torchlight, and explore their complexities through multimedia presentations and interactive stations. Then discover the many ways—including laser scanning, 3-D modeling, and more—that scientists and artists have studied and replicated the now-closed cave in an effort to understand, preserve, and share its secrets.

Come meet a Cro-Magnon family—your close kin—brought to life courtesy of sculptor Elisabeth Daynès. Then inspect rare Paleolithic treasures from The Field Museum’s collections, including “Magdalenian Woman”—the only complete skeleton of the period found near Lascaux and now in North America!

Don’t miss the chance to see Scenes from the Stone Ageplan your visit today!