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Marvel at Ancient Masterpieces!

Take a moment to view photos, videos, and resources from Scenes from the Stone Age. You’ll peel back the paintings’ layers to see the legacy left behind by our Paleolithic ancestors, then you’ll meet a lifelike Cro-Magnon family and discover what you share in common. Plus, you’ll peer into The Field Museum’s vaults to see other Stone Age specimens and artifacts that tell us about life long ago.

Photo Galleries
Peer into the past to view a parade of prehistoric animals, then check out the methods and media used to recreate Lascaux’s lookalikes.

Video Gallery
Take a video tour of the exhibition to see the experiences you’ll enjoy, and meet “Magdalenian Woman,” who once lived near Lascaux.

Educational Resources
Planning a field trip to the Museum? Check out our downloadable Field Trip Planning Guide and other resources before your visit.